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Questions To Answer About Hair Removal Procedures

In Texas, hair removal treatments help men and women get rid of unwanted hair. The procedures are performed by cosmetic clinicians in an office setting. Answering questions about austin laser hair removal help patients make important decisions about the treatments.

What are the Side Effects?

Laser hair treatments could cause some side effects. The most common of the effects are redness and inflammation. However, some patients sustain burns and may scar. Discoloration is also possible for some patients with darker skin tones. The review the side effects more fully visit right now.


What Does the Procedure Do?

The laser wand delivers light pulses into the skin as well as heat. Essentially, the procedure kills off the hair follicles to prevent new hair growth. The melanin in the hair is also destroyed and prevent hair from showing. The clinician reviews the patient’s hair and determines which laser is most effective.


Is Numbing Cream Available?

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Yes, the clinician can provide numbing cream to prevent discomfort during the procedures. The patient won’t experience the snapping sensation as the wand passes over the skin. Select equipment applies heat while others may use cooling sensations. The doctor can apply the numbing agent at any time to prevent the patient from becoming uncomfortable.

Who Should Perform the Procedures?

Clinicians who are licensed to complete cosmetic treatments should perform the procedures. The patients should never acquire the treatments from anyone who doesn’t possess proper training. The error in judgment will lead to unnecessary injuries for the patient.


What Should the Patient Avoid?

It is recommended that all patients avoid tanning while they are receiving treatments. Sunscreen should be used at any time they are in direct sunlight, too. Plucking or the use of wax or depilatories should be avoided before and after treatments. The patient shouldn’t wear any makeup if their face is the target treatment area.


What Conditions Could Lead to Issues?

Patients with hormonal abnormalities shouldn’t undergo the procedures. Polycystic ovary disease is another condition that affects the results. Excessively tanned skin must heal before the procedures, too.


In Texas, hair removal treatments are beneficial to individuals with excessive hair growth. The procedures involve the use of a laser to apply light and heat to the hair. After several treatments hair is eliminated completely. Typically, maximum results are achieved after seven treatments. Patients who want to learn about alite laser can visit for more info right now.

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